Creative Work: ‘Fall’ by Bhaswati Ghosh

Creative WorksThe leaves are changing, the wind is growing cold, and the smell of fall is in our noses.

We herald the arrival of Autumn with the poem ‘Fall’ by repeat contributor Bhaswati Ghosh—a celebration of the changing seasons and a reminder of the sweetness that comes with the chill in the air.


The air has sinusitis.
It spits out cold,
skin-tingling sneezes.

Sunsets morph into giant
pumpkins and sink
down grocery store shelves.
The earth, tired of bareness,
covers her breast with
fallen leaves.

Gold-tangerine-crimson colonize
trees; chlorophyll fades
like the vaporous
dream called summer.

“Fall into savings,”
a sign outside the store
says. But

I see

Bodies rushing to work
fold into sweaters and coats.
Vaults of dust and smells from
last year. And the year before.
Birds fold into rolling clouds
before finding home.
Squash and sweet potato
fold into earthy soups.

Under the late-evening cover,
I fold into the wraps
of your slowly warming
autumn skin.

The cold described in this piece is balanced by the warmth of the final image of two lovers embracing. Bring on the chilly weather—we’re ready!

More delightful content is on its way, so don’t forget to join us again next Sunday for another piece of creativity.

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