Creative Work: ‘Fall’ by Bhaswati Ghosh

Creative WorksThe leaves are changing, the wind is growing cold, and the smell of fall is in our noses.

We herald the arrival of Autumn with the poem ‘Fall’ by repeat contributor Bhaswati Ghosh—a celebration of the changing seasons and a reminder of the sweetness that comes with the chill in the air.


The air has sinusitis.
It spits out cold,
skin-tingling sneezes.

Sunsets morph into giant
pumpkins and sink
down grocery store shelves.
The earth, tired of bareness,
covers her breast with
fallen leaves.

Gold-tangerine-crimson colonize
trees; chlorophyll fades
like the vaporous
dream called summer.

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Creative Work: ‘Living Abroad is Making Do and Make Believe’ by Bhaswati Ghosh

Creative WorksThis week, we have a poem for those who know what it’s like to feel out of place. Contributor Bhaswati Ghosh uses evocative imagery to create for the reader a vivid picture of culture removed from country, and of family far away.

Living Abroad is Making Do and Make Believe

Every autumn, the
ghost of a drum-beating dhaaki
enters a tired CD player,
his rhythms muffled,
mismatched. Later,
muted lamps
and Chinese flickers
shine in houses.

Outside, the street
tightens its noose of
darkening quiet.
Bylaws contain the
sound and fury.
Festivals are digest-ed
over weekends, rituals
hastily cast
into first world molds.

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