Creative Work: Poetry “It’s Who I Am” by Alasdair Neil Horabin

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Today we have a two-part post to highlight the differences in regional poetry! We are pleased to welcome Alasdair Neil Horabin’s poetry, which carries an essence of home similar to his published prose here on Words, Pauses, Noises. For many writers, the sense of ‘self’ within their work stems  from where they live. For some, the dialect of their region, the ebb and flow of speech, affects the way that the words flow onto the page. For others it is the geography or the quirks of the people who live in that place. 

Some of the prominent and inspiring writers of place (limited to only a few): Raymond Carver, Jeanette Winterson, William Trevor, Flannery O’Connor, and Sandra Cisneros.  As old, wise words say: write what you know. That advice rings true in today’s two-part poetry post.

“It’s Who I Am”

By Alasdair Neil Horabin

It’s where I go, it’s who I am,

the docks, the wet stone steps,

the rotting unsold cod,


towards the depths,

of the bottom-most slab

where the dark sea laps

my ankles and calves freezing

slipping, dead, brutal

fish-bitten, wrinkling.

And I know,

I just know,


We hope that you enjoyed Neil’s poetry (we certainly do!).  Stay tuned for another poetry post today on Words, Pauses Noises. We will return next week with more work from our talented Kingston Creative Writing Masters… stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Creative Work: Poetry “It’s Who I Am” by Alasdair Neil Horabin

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