Creative Work: Poetry “Aeroplanes” by Rob Trotman

Creative WorksToday on Words, Pauses, Noises, we have a pair of poems for you. We’ve split them for better reading. Enjoy!


By Rob Trotman 

Aeroplanes still catch my eye,

as if a fading dream.

That sense of dread

when looking up, that

something’s gone awry.

Silent movement,

pregnant pause,

before the impact

and the fireball.

Seen on TV,

world news.

How, why?

The footprint of those

cash-stacked spires,

that didn’t topple, but fell

straight down, free fall,

as if disappearing down a well.

Then off to a war,

conveniently timed.

Support the cause.

Men, women, children.

Again and again, disbelief.

Evening anchormen,

hurried theories,

awful stories.

Why them, why us, why me?

And there still remains,

the meaning of that day

within in us all,

like muscle memory.

Politics of fear;

the doubts; the dread.

Silenced debate.

When a clear sky is

not just a clear sky

and a plane not just a plane.

Suspended, silent, huge

playing out fate’s goodbye.

Too many questions burn away.

People who had answers.

Never so innocent again.

Planes, or us, or them.

You can find the continuation of today’s Poetry Posts: “It’s Who I Am” By Alasdair Neil Horabin


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