Creative Work: ‘Synthetic Inhalation’ by Catherine Franklin

Creative WorksThis week’s piece comes from a good friend and very talented Kingston Post Grad student by the Name of Catherine Franklin. Catherine’s poems are interesting in that although they often seem light-hearted and casual at first glance but give in to the dark humour that encompasses all of the best depravities of human nature.


Synthetic Inhalation

To tinker absent-mindedly,

Devoid of common sense.

To giddily manipulate

In fore-finger and thumb.

To raise an upturned cigarette

And draw it to my lips.

To drunkenly distract myself

At moments such as this,

To rummage incoherently

In search of source of fire.

To lift the flame, and sink my chin

So entities connect.

To let myself digress to the

Next drink as I inhale.

To splutter unexpectedly;

The vapour tastes amiss.

To realise, that in tipsiness

A faux pas has occurred.

To grind it underfoot, and say

‘I lit the filter end.’


Synthetic Inhalation is a great example of short but sweet. It is a confession of something meaningless that occurred in a matter of seconds and yet she is able to produce a wonderful poem from it.  It reminds us to look around and take notice of all the things through out the day that could be poem worthy. 

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