Creative Work: “The Dark Girl Going Places” and “Honor” by Tanushree Ghosh Dhall

This week we are featuring another poet, Tanushree Ghosh Dhall, and two of her poems: “The Dark Girl Going Places” and “Honor”. “Dark Girl” tells a story of a girl moving across the world, and how her standard of beauty is drastically altered. Creative Works“Honor” is a heartbreaking remembrance of trauma and abuse that ends on a moment of hope – the hope of finding true happiness in another despite years of striving to be accepted.

The Dark Girl Going Places
How does it feel to be a dark girl changing countries?
To be attractive in one but not in another?
To have a secret stash of fairness creams
Useless and embarrassing now – but just in case

To be able to wear bright colors all of a sudden?
Knowing no one here will object

How does it feel to see what they see?
To dare and feel beautiful ..
After being admonished so many times?

To browse newsfeeds about outrage in the twitter sphere
against discrimination real and perceived
blackface, Oscars, lip shapes..
While staring at the newspaper the parcels from home came wrapped in
asking for fair brides only
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