Creative Works ‘Mint Chocolate Chip’ and ‘Float’ by Nicole Andrasko

Creative WorksThis week we have to two pieces from Nicole Andrasko which blur the line between prose and poetry in a beautifully metaphorical way way while still remaining  measured, combining the fantastical with everyday experience.

Mint Chocolate Chip

You always wear your mint chocolate chip shirt whenever you’re happy. You told me this the first night I spent with you. You wore it under flannels, under your buttoned black coat, and once the summer rolled around, the mint shirt was always in view. That faded green and gray piece of fabric drove me mad. Whenever you didn’t wear it, I assumed there was a growing cloud looming above us. If you did wear it, I was able to feel my lungs slouch in relief.

I began to see the sky in streaks of green. I left trails of chocolate chips wherever I walked, so I would always be able to find my way home again. I ate a spoonful of mint chocolate chip ice cream after each meal, even though the flavor was bitter on my tongue.

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