Creative Work ‘They said that the rockets were coming’ by Matthew Laffrade

Creative WorksThis week we are featuring a poem from another Canadian writer, Matthew Laffrade

This poem is filled with powerful visuals and images of life in the centre of a conflict. In the writer’s own words, “it can be a dozen different places in the world so it cannot be classified as one vs other but as a human experience void of the task of taking a side in a conflict.” 

They said that the rockets were coming

They said that the rockets were coming, that we would see
Their burn through the night sky and by then it would be too
Late. They said we should flee. They said that camps of
Emaciated children and forlorn adults would be erected on
The outskirts away from the skirmishes. They said “go
Now or face peril and perish.” My father wouldn’t leave.

As the eldest son I stood stoic, my arms aching under the
Weight of my rifle. Canopies of armouries, bombardment all
Around and air raid sirens signalling the end to hot dinners as
We holed up, my father and I, in that concrete basement
We called a bunker
And we sat and

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