Creative Work: ‘Extract of a Sick Morning’ by Maria Copley

Creative WorksOn this glorious Sunday, we have a short poem from Maria Copley debut poet and writer to Words, Pauses, Noises. Maria is a recent graduate from Kingston University’s creative writing undergraduate degree programme. In her poem, ‘Extract of a Sick Morning’ she shares her poetic anecdote on life’s ups and downs.

Extract of a Sick Morning

Salivate in delight of love,

salivate when things go wrong

and your stomach revolves.

Salivate at the presence of clear water,

salivate at the feeling of loss,

salivate and wash yourself in tears;

salivate life death will dry it all.


Short and stoic. Maria observes the body physical with our obstacles that culminate together when we hit our lows, and reminds us that life is ours to salivate over. If you think you have what it takes, send your submission to and we’ll post your literary nuggets of wisdom.