Creative Work: ‘The Forge’ by Alex Brinded

Creative WorksKingston MFA student Alex Brinded returns to Words, Pauses, Noises this week with a piece which confronts the raw power of nature.

‘The Forge’ is all about sound and sensation. We encourage you to read this one aloud to get the full effect.

The Forge

Wind-pulled, world-spun waves
crash, a golden
scimitar of shore
glinting in the late morning sun heat.
Raging breakers rain hammer blows and
beat, down
upon this land’s frayed hem.

Each minute
millions of years old,
twenty three quintillion atoms across.

Mere stone particles that
once were fused as crude formations—
a millennia of barrage has pummelled this coast
line into fundamental

Now, an acute banked blade of golden grit,
no longer breakable,
in the spouting forge.
White water rollers fracture into white noise.

My burrowed palm and fingers are swaddled in the sand.
It gives easy as I dig down,
it’s cool
and soft
down here.

Bold images and strong sounds match the broad scope of the poem’s subject matter. Brinded takes us from the large expanse of time—the world’s creation—down into a single moment all in the space of several short stanzas.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to stop by again next week for more great work from around the world!


Creative Work: ‘lessons from mum (the hardest poem I’ve ever wrote)’ by Yessica Klein

Creative WorksThis week we have a poem from the talented writer and photographer Yessica Klein.

The power of this poem comes from its potent honesty. As a discussion of feminism through the view of someone not familiarised with the lofty theories behind it, this poem shines a refreshing and forceful light on the core of relationships between mother and daughter.

lessons from mum (the hardest poem I’ve ever wrote)

mum married a man who drank as her father
whom she lost at 15 due to alcohol poisoning

motherhood was her dream
so she gave up her job to raise her daughters properly
and both left
one to Berlin
one to Stockholm
at 22 and 20 respectively
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