Competition Shortlist – Poetry: ‘The Horologist’s Son’ by Jenna Meade

Creative WorksThis week we have the first piece from our Poetry Shortlist from our 2015 Creative Writing Competition, ‘The Horologist’s Son’ by Jenna Meade.

We loved this piece for its use of language and image to characterize the relationship which is at its heart. 

Our judge found it to be “a tender and moving poem, which explores time and a personal narrative beautifully,” and she loved the idea of a ‘Horologist’s Son’ “fixing – mending a person, the metaphorical and physical clock in this poem. A very gentle yet powerful poem.” 

The Horologist’s Son

If you were a clock
you could mend
with disks, gears and prongs
So easily clicked into your belly
Less invasive and seldom
than what you take now.

Hold you in my palm,
gently unscrew your silver back
Grease your rusted insides
till they loosen,
fall, bounce,
roll out like drunken frogs.

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