Charlene Edley

Charlene EdleyCharlene Edley was born in South Africa and moved over to the UK with her family when she was fourteen. Growing up she often heard stories about the country but she never took any true notice of what was happening. She just assumed that the problems South Africa faced was no worse than other countries. She only really starting taking notice of how bad South Africa was after moving to the UK and also only after speaking to others that had moved over from there as well. Her grandparents often tell her stories of how things were during apartheid. She never knew the true extent of the segregation as she grew up in post-apartheid times. Her schools were integrated and that was normal to her. She did hear stories from people older than her and what struggles they faced when it came to combining race in school. She fully admits that she had a sheltered upbringing in SA and that’s where she thinks her idea for this piece came from. She writes from a fictional perspective that is also her own.

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