Amber Koski

Amber BIO photoAmber Nichole Koski is a writer of experimental forms which is a writerly way of saying she likes to break rules and has successfully done so during her five years of higher education. She is the co-found of Words, Pauses, Noises. She has just finished a coming-of-age novelette for her master’s creative dissertation project at Kingston University where she hopes they “get it”. She co-organized the 1st KWS International Conference (10 July) where she was a head of a panel discussion on the ways in which creative writing tutors are challenged by the changes in higher education today. After teaching first year undergraduates Amber finalised her decision to become a tutor. She currently resides in a wee village called Thrapston where she hopes to evade the UK boarder patrol while studying for her Graduate Record Examination (the State’s way of using standardised testing to lower doctorate enrolment). She is immersed in an array of Oxford Very Short Introductions and a much-delayed reading of The World According to Garp. Like many other post-graduate students procrastinating adulthood Amber has a new “child”. Her satirical, PG humour: “What to do after you realize you can’t ‘be anything you want to be’? (Thanks Mom.)” can be perused at A select few of her inspirations are Jeanette Winterson, Augusten Burroughs, David Levithan, and Charlotte Gilman Perkins. Amber hopes to find a PhD fellowship stateside with the aims of teaching at the university level.

You can read excerpts of Amber’s works-in-progress at
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Here is a link to the Interview she did with USA Today on her Postgraduate studies abroad.

Works by Amber Koski on Words, Pauses, Noises:

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