Creative Work: ‘sick sick sick’ by Joan McNerney


Creative WorksFor the next two weeks, we will be showcasing poetry from Best of the Net nominee, Joan McNerney. Her poems expertly demonstrate the fractured nature of human thoughts.

sick sick sick

of seriousness
the universe is
a labyrinthine my
ear ear ear
I am deaf from it
there is no sure
melody in these
crazy strains

deaf deaf deaf
dumb blinded
loosening mind
for just 1 moment
to a maze of human
dilemma absurd

gone gone gone
everything is
senselessly gone
running thru rooms
marked not exit
crying out in
no voice

dance dance dance
on the barbed wire
of time feet raw
raw raw bleeding
blood blood blood

The haunting images in this poem evoke a chill in the reader that will stick with them long after they’ve finished reading. Feel free to offer your interpretations of Joan’s work in the comments below.

Join us again next week for another one of Joan’s excellent poems entitled ‘I planted my garden.’

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