Hello Kingston Students!

This year’s RiPPLE (Kingston University’s annual literary magazine) has just opened their inbox for submissions.

We’re desperate to hear just what Kingston students (on every course) have to say- especially if you say it in:

– a poem (up to 40 lines)
– a flash fiction piece (up to 500 words)
– a short story (up to 3,000 words)
– a play or script (up to 7 minutes length, approx. 7 pages)

You can submit up to three pieces as long as they follow the above guidelines.

Submissions are open until 11:59 pm on December 10th, so get your work in quickly.

Please send your work to, with a short bio including your name, course, and course year.

The subject line of your email should look like this:


Attach your piece in a Word Document, and do not include any information about yourself in the Word Doc. (Our judging is anonymous, so if you put your name in the file you’re just giving our editor more work.)

This is an excellent opportunity to get your written work published by an esteemed magazine, and even get it into the hands of literary agents!

Every contributor, successful or not, will be notified in January. If your piece has been accepted, the copyright remains with you. By being accepted you grant RiPPLE the right to publish in the 2016 issue.

We would appreciate, if you move on to publish the piece elsewhere, the acknowledgement that the piece first appeared in RiPPLE 2016.

All successful contributors will receive one free copy of RiPPLE on publication and an invite to the annual launch party.

If you have any questions please email

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

Don’t miss out; submit now!

-The RiPPLE Editorial Staff

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