Creative Work: ‘Aphasia’ by Goirick Brahmachari

Creative WorksThis week we have a poem from New Delhi-based poet Goirick Brahmachari.

‘Aphasia’ explores the relationship between language, words, and our sense of place in the world. The poem has a frenetic quality which pulls the reader in, and doesn’t let them go.


Hollowness grows
like a pink boil in my feet
framing tinted nightmares
at right angles
gripping my neck
after you have left
for office, out of breath
a studio apartment in web
garbage bins,
bad breath
my poems
in morning toothpaste,
breaking into tears
biting my tongue
bleeding distance
from self
a thousand miles
and a sea away,
for a crazy alienating hunger to fill me up—
and I cannot understand a word.

Using tactile images and biting words, Brahmachari creates a sense of tumbling momentum in this piece which hints at the panic and pain of losing one’s words. The repetition of the breath, along with the taste and feel of the mouth and neck, makes reading the poem a very vivid experience.

Join us again next week for more exciting work!


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