Creative Work: ‘An Iceberg Lived’ and ‘A Kind Angel Calls Here’ by Joan MacIntosh

Creative WorksThis week we have poetry from Canadian author Joan MacIntosh who writes personal accounts from snapshots of her life, executed with exquisite, simple images. The speaker tries to find the beauty in the ordinary around us. 

An Iceberg Lived   

In Twillingate
I rented a house
on the North Side
with threefold dormer windows
watching over
a picket fence cradled
lilac tree

In spring
the upstairs bedroom
felt like a ship at sea
floorboards sloped
to the east window
where, in the harbor,
an iceberg lived

In winter
the ocean current
corralled a herd
of jagged ice pans
and the house walls,
allowed the north wind

Cold swept up
the staircase
snow grains lashed
the windowpanes
and the old house, glacial,
became a tomb

Timbers shuddered
day and night, and
I left my coat on
went to bed after supper

In summer
I moved house
the vagrant dust wisps
plugged kitchen sink, and
ajar garden gate

But I dreamed
of islands and icebergs
parlor doors
that opened to
sea water, and

Years later
I returned
to find the threefold
dormer windows
fence broken
tree wilted
house diminished
more alive
shining in
my dreams

A Kind Angel Calls Here      

Light glows
from the
old house window
like something warm
lives inside

Molten sunrise
born at
the ocean’s edge
pours radiance
the second storey

a sliver of light
blooms to
blazing rectangles
of gold, flaxen
lightless again

The sun
visits the house
at daybreak
its brilliance
like a kind angel
calls here

The poetry deals with finding safety and comfort in a world that doesn’t always contain these things easily.

Tune in soon to find out who won the Words, Pauses, Noises 2015 competition with £100 each for Poetry, Short Story, and Flash Fiction!


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