Creative Work: ‘Ice Cream Sunday On the Capilano’ and ‘What They Say and Why It doesn’t Matter’ by Nate Simpson

Creative WorksThis week’s piece from Nate Simpson brings together the realms of the ordinary and extraordinary to create a succinct poetic experience for the reader.

Ice Cream Sunday on the Capilano

Mid-way on the Capilano, daydream’s haze
impairs sight past the blue ribbon
below this bridge.

In the whipsawing nightmares
of my sleep and waking hours I
launch from wooden handrail
arc plunge and pierce icy
water granite bedrock
the shock, it starts anew!
Jump after jump only pitch, speed and sound change
jump after jump, no relief from life, no reprieve in death!

I blink.

Sunset’s red crescendo, sweet evergreen breeze fill the canyon
still lined with jagged rocks far beneath

A kiss.
You’ve returned.

“They didn’t have vanilla, strawberry ok?”

What They Say and Why it Doesn’t Matter

And as to 8 passengers and crew they say, “not
so many dead” and “there’s been worse of course”
they will say
and say
and say
and say not what is
by wives, fathers, uncles, mothers, husbands, nieces
and on
and on
and on, their sorrow
into the now blue sky
erupting, volcanic ash
spirited by rare wind
to disperse and settle
upon the wooded land
within which lay the
fuselage, bone fragments, bolts, Black
Berries logging missed calls, tray
tables in the upright and locked position and
vests for water landings.

The views and events in these poems are not passively described; the language is bursting with action and energy that pulls the reader with it until it’s thought provoking conclusion.

Join us next week for some more daring poetry!


2 thoughts on “Creative Work: ‘Ice Cream Sunday On the Capilano’ and ‘What They Say and Why It doesn’t Matter’ by Nate Simpson

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