Creative Work: ‘Black Sheep’ by Catina Noble

Creative WorksThis week’s creative work comes to us from poet Catina Noble, native of Ontario Canada. The piece is very delicately put together, using a small collection of words to convey a larger idea. The imagery is emotional and reminiscent of both youth and the loss of youth. Works like this illustrate the overwhelming power of poetry and the impact that concise language and vivid imagery can convey.

Black Sheep

other siblings have baby books

I have the cover of mine

the rest is missing

it is a cover up and I will

uncover the truth as I am

not like the others

no photos of me in the hospital

to prove I belong and after many

phone calls to every Aunt

who will talk to me,

they say sorry, but it is true

no doubt about it, I was there

Short, precise, and poignant, telling a larger story in just three beautiful stanza’s. 

Check back in with us next week for more fantastic work from writers around the world. Also, don’t forget to submit your own pieces, getting your voice out there into the digital world to carve out a comfortable notch where your literary creations can live comfortably next to the work of your fellow writers.


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