Creative Work: Eyes by Tessa Henley

Creative WorksThis weeks post is a piece from Tessa Henley that illustrates a very powerful form of poetry; simple in design but incredibly evocative in its execution.

The Eyes

Eyes are deeply self-absorbed
only serving themselves,
careless to broader burdens.

Eyes carry the mass of judgment:
they observe and ponder,
only to conform, then try to reform
personally relevant moral matters but
fall short.

Eyes stand alone,
but depend on remote action and adjacent subjects
to declare thought after thought after thought.

Eyes are scattered everywhere,
they observe the mundane
and suffer from personal hands.
Slowly, throats obstruct, breaths escapes,
and the last wheezes cease.

Eyes haunt the weakest souls;
they warp the clearest concepts,
and consume the colossally confused.

Eyes are said to be windows
to the soul –
tinted, opalescent
windows weighted with

Eyes are out of style
and out of date, hopefully soon
they shall be scarce.

But eyes are stubborn and sly,
they may appear sweet and concerned
but never forget who they serve.

The use of repetition in the poem gives a sense of simplicity and on the surface, we have a simple description on the uses of eyes but underneath there are illusions to love, religion and the contrast between physical and mental amongst many other layers to its multifaceted structure.

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