Creative Work: ‘Nine Eleven’ by Cid V Brunet

Creative WorksThis week’s piece is a stunning and haunting poem by Cid V Brunet about one of this millennia’s most horrible tragedies. As she walks us through this event’s impact on her family we are given a clear view of how September eleventh affected people through generations.

Nine Eleven

Two thousand one.

Nanny stood up compelled to freeze

history, un-

folding on her t.v.

Filtering fresh violence.

One extra lens.

Her descendants

inherited jewelry and

buried photos.

I hung her black and white

twin tower series in

my bathrooms hall.


Science class, we

were told world war three had begun.

My grandmother

had been a war nurse, past

politely hidden ‘neath

pick up sticks and


silver spoons.

Roast on sundays followed by end-

less cups of sweet

orange pekoe. No war

to butcher my childhood.

Nine eleven


fear spurred her

to shutter, with unfocused speed

the old nightmare.

Boxes, lit from within.

Drums beat: my bonnie lies

o’er the ocean


This poignant piece shows not just the impact of this tragedy, but of all war. The quiet focus shows the devastation as it affects each generation of this family. 

Tune in next week for another amazing piece, and have a happy holiday season!

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