Creative Work: ‘Tick-Tock’ by Courtney Smith

Creative WorksIn this weeks poetry piece by Kingston Student Courtney Smith, she powerfully and realistically explores her memory of one that has been loved and tragically lost – contrasting emotions pour over one another, present is entwined with the past and beautifully vivid memories are brought forth as we consider the question; how can we come to terms with loss?


Laughter erupts from my core, dormant –

a bubbling flume in an otherwise still pond.

Lungs worn, shaken with delight –

He had a way about him.

A part of me wishes he could still introduce a smile to my face –

“Nice to meet you, hungry. I’m Dad.”

A part of me wishes he could still perch me atop his shoulders –

angel roosting on the tip-top of our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

A part of me, frightened,

wishes to pitter-patter to that jade-carpeted bedside,\

only to drift off to that hauntingly familiar kick drum of his heartbeat

within minutes.

That part of me has been plastered on headlines reading “LOST!”

ever since the flatline announced his departure.
By including past memories of their father while still alive with the raw emotion experienced afterward and the actual moment when he passed, we have a complete account of the devastation of grief, rendered so vividly by the uniquely specific details contained within. An honest, contemplative poem that makes us consider the fragility of all life around us and how this fragility should never be take for granted.

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