Creative Work: ‘Luggage’ and ‘Love Letters’ by Nik Way

Creative WorksThis week’s submissions come from Kingston student Nik Way.   Nik’s subtle, observation based approach to poetry is quite refreshing. The combination of interesting images with the mulling over of the process of producing poetry leaves the reader examining their own methods.


sitting at 30,000 feet

a cloud blanket below

here, there is no girl I left

or boy I am returning to

days I have spent

and planned

do not exist

the dentist appointment I must

rush to keep upon landing is in

another dimension

half-heard in cracks

between worlds

sitting still at 500 miles-per-hour

with an empty page before me

I am content

not to fill it

Love Letters

Don’t write me a poem.

I don’t care for an image that strikes me

like a crossbow  bolt in my back garden.

Write, if you like, the jazziest rhymes to a

tempo that can’t be beat. See what good

it does. Subtle seductions will be ignored.

Stanzas may be strong and long, form

masterful. You could touch me in ways

and places I didn’t know, leave a sound

lingers long beyond your lyrics. No poem

you pen will reach me, leave the page.

Write me a novel

and I might read it.

What is interesting about Nik’s poems is that they are both in a way about the act of writing but don’t repel us the way many pieces about the writing process often do. Luggage nicely sums up the dilemma of whether or not crammed into the back of coach is really the right time to write. Love letters is equally as interesting and seems a more modern and slightly more twisted approach to the process of writing a love poem.

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