Creative Work: ‘The World We Love’ by Cynthia Jo

Creative WorksThis weeks post comes to us from a new writer residing in sunny Los Angeles, California.  Cynthia Jo illustrates what music can do to us as writers, inspiring and sparking new life to ideas inside our ever-churning minds. ‘The World We Love’ was inspired by the Jimmy Eat World song by the same title, taking the essence of the music and transcribing it into a moment in which a man is unsure about the past decisions he made in his life. We’ve all had these reflections when we listen to music, and it is interesting to see it printing out in front of you, sweating through regret and change the same way we all tend to do. 

The World We Love

James has a story that is almost finished. All he needs is someone to tell it to.

Maybe that’s you.

It was a bleak Wednesday morning at a café—that hip one by the corner of Hope and Fear. Life together with Ana had become a habit he was trying to break. Confused, he slightly moved his index finger alongside the broken rim of the coffee cup, thinking for a nice way to say he’s out.

I want out.

His time was borrowed. With her, he spent it too freely. Every minute he would have needed to be made up.

But how?

He stood up and walked towards Hope Street where his friends live. Ever since his relationship with Ana had blossomed he barely had the chance to socialize his comfort. He found the door open- the entry to the only place he felt safe.

I’m going to call this home.

He began to think about all the possibilities that could be. The open road felt so far away. He didn’t want anything serious. He wanted some fun, the fun he thought they still had.

Well, we had it once.

Windows open. Windows close. That’s just how it goes.

Don’t it?

James is in love with the ordinary. He needs a simple space where he can rest his mind—everything becomes clear. Perhaps, he should be ashamed for asking his friends. But that helped him get straight again- just a little help.

Helped me get over it.

Being with Ana was like a dream. The happiness only seemed to reflect what everyone else seemed to think. It’s like a dream—unreal to him. James just wants her to see him high. To just be there, be there with him.

Be with me here.

There is no hope for him or her. James knows he will let her down. But, he will not give in now.

Not even for any amount.

James walked out towards Fear with all the hope and courage to end it for good. To feel the sunshine on that bleak Wednesday morning, after all in this world they love.

Forever, gone.

Cynthia Jo creates a wonderful character study of a broken heart. This character is tormented and uncertain, and we see this through the interlacing thoughts and action. The rhythm created by this technique is very musical, which reflects greatly on the task the writer had at hand: to create a story out of a song that meant something to her.

Come back next week for some more exciting stuff by some fresh new voices!

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