Creative Work: ‘Magnolias’ by Kaylin Brennan

Creative WorksThis week, we have the pleasure of introducing debut writer to the blog, Kaylin Brennan with her flash-fiction piece, ‘Magnolias’. We also welcome Kaylin into the WPN family as production manager for the future Words, Pauses, Noises Anthology. There’s the old and outdated myth that it’s difficult to balance on the fence between publishing and writing. ‘Magnolias’ gives it a go; see what happens.



Me and her used to fight a lot when we lived with Ma. It wadn’t me though or my kind and givin’ momma. Couldn’t a been Ma. She’s an angel in everythin’ she does ‘cause she gave me the gift a life. It was that devil woman, Cheyenne.

I loved Cheyenne like she were a daily birthday present. She had the most doggone beautiful body. She knew it as well, always wearin’ the tightest jeans on this side of Arkansas. She would always go to the bathroom to take them off, never in front of me. Always thought she had some special trick of doin’ it that nobody should know. But I stopped thinkin’ that when she walked out that bathroom door. I stopped thinkin’ anything when she walked out that door. She always wore the prettiest underwear.

But it wasn’t just the panties, it was more. I been with a lot of ladies. I mean a lot of ladies, and ain’t none of them were finer than Cheyenne. There was somethin’ special bout her, somethin’ greater than Gawd himself. One day I got so caught up in her naked body that I got down on my knees and begged this blessed woman to be mine forever. In that moment, I felt I had to make sure that she would be in the rest of my moments.

We ran out of money after the weddin’. I coulda given her magnolias, Ma’s yard is full of ‘em, but she insisted on calla lilies and orchids.  I loved her so much that she got ‘em.

We had to move in with Ma, bless her angelic heart for taking us in, in our time of need. Now Cheyenne still wants it all, but all I can give her is magnolias.


In its moment, ‘Magnolias’ ignites the fireworks of juvenile love, eventually swallowed up by reality and its shortcomings. This man and his sturdy voice stands as a tale of warning to the illusions of beauty and those, all-too-familiar consequences of hurdling face-first into life.

We promised some exciting news last week. The wait is almost over. Keep your eye on the eastern sky on third day of the week, during the noon- uh, just check out our blog on Wednesday for the BIG announcement. Thanks again for stopping by!

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