Creative Work: ‘Melon Colic’ by Ryan Licata

Creative WorksThis weeks post comes to us from competition winner Ryan LicataTeetering on the edge between flash fiction and poetry, ‘Melon Colic’ easily packs a symbolic and open ended story into the form of simple yet undeniably pungent
prose.  Ryan’s piece reveals a bit more about itself with each read through and is a wonderful example of sharp, clever writing. 


Melon Colic

 She had me wait in the parlour while she finished adding some final touches to her dress. She’d put on a record so that I would not feel alone. It turned out to be Mahler, who always made me feel so terribly lonely. I walked around the room, looking for clues. She kept an empty birdcage with a small mirror inside. I decided to mention it later, if the evening should come to that. She came out soon enough, wearing a black scarf in the middle of summer, catching me with the A-Z of existentialism. ‘T’es mélancolique – c’est très beau!’

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the competition and the judges who took the time to read every submission and pick their favorites.  Be on the lookout for the publication, which will be launched in September of 2014. More info to come,  see you at the party!  

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