Creative Work: ‘On Nights’ by David Russomano


Creative WorksWe’ve returned to our Words, Pauses, Noises competition winners and this week, we have returning contributor, David Russomano gracing our posts again with his poem, ‘On Nights’.


On Nights

It rains on nights when the leaves have gone,

coating every branch in black,

drenched. The cold light from street lamps

caught in the boughs turns to spiders’ webs—

silver fragmented lines extend

out in shaky patterns like cracks

in a mirror met by a fist.


From the center of a mirror

struck by a fist, silver fractures

extend out in shaky patterns,

shimmering like spiders’ webs of

drenched black boughs back lit by simple

street lamps on a rainy night when

the leaves have taken something with them.

This piece showcases an intriguing inverted perspective, where David hones in on micro moments that reflect a completely different outcome. The subtle change in reality has the reader flickering back to the beginning for another look, relishing in its visual symmetry. Next week, we’ll continue on with more from the Words, Pauses, Noises competition so hold tight and keep following.

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