Creative Work: ‘Archaeologist’ by Paige Sinkler

Creative WorksIn breaking from our recent trend of short fiction, this week’s featured competition winner is from poet Paige Sinkler.

Paige’s poetry can be described as earthy and textured.  When reading this weeks post, one can almost smell the room and taste the air in the places that she describes.  Much like last weeks adventure in Thailand, Paige’s work compels us to explore the world around us and beyond. 



Reverent with heat,

burst poppies and blinding stone,

my grandfather comes alive

among the dead.

Underground in Athens

he beckons me down

dark clay-smelling lanes

in the museum basement

among the amphorae—

lines and lines of wine

jugs puzzled from probably

pub gutters and wishing wells.

Broken glass behind glass

nearly erased of age and face—

grails of a golden age,

he explains.  Ancient

frat house trash, I think,

being in college.

Being in college, I think

I will never follow him—

living in the past, forever

buried in my mind,

making brevity

bearable, broken things

beautiful, death

so nearly desired.

The beauty of this piece is that each and every stanza can be picked apart and made into it’s own short story or poem.   Paige shows us that story telling can take on many forms and therefore, writers shouldn’t feel that they are bound by one genre.  Many of us claim that we can’t do poetry while others are afraid to delve into fiction for fear of running out of ideas.  Don’t be afraid to cross over and experiment as like many other writers, you may be surprised what you discover about yourself. 

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